“Like traveling, life itself is an adventure. Invigorating, yet with some occasional challenges, life has its own unique way of opening our eyes, minds and hearts to new experiences.

Well, after life presented me with its biggest challenge yet—being diagnosed with a rare form of melanoma—I became more determined than ever to enjoy life’s every great adventure. I am now cancer free, eternally blessed and always grateful. And that is how The Grateful Traveler was born. ”

– The Grateful Traveler

Who is The Grateful Traveler?

Vikki Moran is a locally known travel writer & publisher of Capital Region Living Magazine. She’s been writing about food and travel for many years, bringing to light the best of the Capital Region/Adirondacks, the Hudson Valley Region and the world.

After the diagnosis of a rare malignant melanoma in 2011 brought home how short life could be, Vikki set her mind to living a complete and happy life through the enjoyment of every single passing moment. So, she walked  away from corporate America, leaving behind her executive position of twenty-one years, along with a large support staff, many friends, stock options, marvelous benefits and a great salary . Instead, Vikki returned home to Upstate New York to run a regional and well-regarded magazine, and most important- to finally enjoy life!


Vikki Moran, The Grateful Traveler

Travel Writer, Travel Blogger, Co-Publisher Capital Region Living Magazine

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